Shooters World Blackout with Brazos 215gr Coated in 8.5″ AR Pistol

Here are my results from loading Brazos 215gr Hi-Tek powder coated bullets in 300 Blackout using Shooters World Blackout powder.

The first batch I loaded, I started with 10.2gr and had a couple feeding issues. The velocity was too low and it wasn’t powerful enough to cycle the gun.

The next two batches tested were 10.5gr and 10.8gr and both functioned flawlessly.

BulletPowder / ChargeOALVelocity ESNotes
215gr Brazos10.2gr SW Blackout2.05″938.6 fps32Had a few failures to feed
215gr Brazos10.5gr SW Blackout2.065″946.7 fps32No issues
215gr Brazos10.8gr SW
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